My name is Chris Sutherland and I’ve been a Graphic Designer for around 13 years now.

I started my professional journey by attending Northumbria University where I gained a BSc(Hons) degree in Multimedia and Digital Entertainment Computing. It was here I realised that I have a passion for learning, I love to attain new skills whether they be related to a creative discipline or not. I love to learn and if I can, I love to pass on that knowledge.

Chris Sutherland Graphic Designer Cumbria

I currently work at H&H Reeds Printers as a graphic designer & Web-to-Print Technical Developer, H&H Reeds Printers are the largest print company in Cumbria, with a rich history stretching back over 140 years. Here I work with many clients on a wide range of creative projects, from creating logos to designing corporate stationery, brochures, flyers, calendars & newsletters, letterheads & business cards, the list goes on and on! A major part of my job is catalogue design, mainly for the agriculture industry, where I create catalogues for Livestock sales all over the UK.

As well as being an experienced Graphic Designer, I also work on the companies portfolio of websites, updating the sites with new content & optomising the sites for search engines (SEO), working with analytics tools to monitor site traffic, I run the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for various companies within the group, Manage the Companies Web-to-Print solution for both external & internal clients as well as designing & sending out email marketing campaigns & managing some of the social media accounts for the company.

My previous employment was for a company in Whitehaven called G&M Supplies Ltd. While I held the Job title of “Web Designer” I did much more than that, As well as keeping the website up to date with the latest graphics and products I also created a range of promotional materials for print and web use. I designed, coded and send out email marketing campaigns, adverts for national magazines and a range of other fliers, brochures and leaflets & catalogues to promote various aspects of the business. Even 3D/2D plans for new kitchen installs.

My first creative job was at a company called Design a Cake based in Washington in the North East.  The UK’s number one specialist sugarcraft retailer. I was the sole Creative Designer for the company. I created adverts for national and international magazines, created HTML email newsletters and designed signage for the outside and inside of the store/warehouse. Other roles included web site design for our satellite sites, product photography and anything else the company needed, whether it be registration forms & design for a plastic loyalty card, new stationery or a logo for a new venture.

My Skills lie mainly in

  • Print design (indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Photography (Extensive experience with product photography, creative photography and weddings)
  • 3D design (Lightwave 3D)
  • Video editing/Special effects (VFX) (After effects/Premire Pro)
  • Web design (HTML/CSS)
  • ecommerce (Woocommerce/Magento/Opencart/web to print)
  • WordPress (Blogging)

I am developing my skills in

  • Javascript
  • Python

Outside of work I love to read, draw, paint, listen to music, socialise with friends, learn new things, take photos, play video games, read comics,  play wargames, Build computers and tinker with electronics. I also enjoy the occasional bit of DIY. I’m what you would call a typical geek. I love to know how things work whether that be the insides of an electronic gadget, or some code I’ve found. Learning new skills is my passion and putting them to good use afterwards is the best reward. Being a creative designer (or graphic designer) is the perfect career for me as I get to do what I love, with this vocation you’re never standing still, you’re always learning, always pushing the envelope and trying new things to create bigger and better designs. I love making things, whether it be a scratch built shelf for my garage, a model kit of a tank or writing a new script that helps me make designs faster, making things makes me happy.

Please check out the portfolio section of my site to see more about what I do when I put pen to paper or when I start playing with pixels or learn more about me by downloading my CV here. Because of the nature of my current employment my most recent work can’t always be put up on here as sometimes I’m working on things that can’t be seen “in public” before the project actually goes live, so if you’d like to see some of my more recent work please feel free to ask as my physical portfolio is far more up to date than my digital one!

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